Before chatting with Rebecca I never would have thought I needed a Career Coach. I have been working for over 20 successful years in my business and consider myself a savvy career professional. I felt I was doing all of the right things. Rebecca helped me realize, however, that I could negotiate from a stronger position than I thought I could – and how important this is to accomplishing and even exceeding my goals. Her coaching accomplished in a short time what I never could have envisioned for myself, and definitely resulted in a higher salary than I likely would have obtained on my own. More than anything, she boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered to go for the things I really wanted.”

Janet J.

“When I wanted to transition from one industry to a completely new one that I had no experience in, I enlisted Rebecca’s help. Together we framed and promoted my past experience and skills so that this new company could see me as a potential fit. She coached me to get referred in to the company so that I had an inside champion. She helped me to brand and market myself throughout the entire process, including some very involved interviews. She was my go-to expert, support and coach. I now have an amazing new opportunity at a great company because of Rebecca’s help and expertise.”

Maria H.

"I've enjoyed the group program (bootcamp) as it helps me with accountability... and helps to encourage, inspire, and continues to challenge me. I'm not just helping the myself improve, I'm helping the group, too"

Derek M.

“I really liked group coaching because I met lovely people and we got to learn about each others professions, skills, challenges and how each approach the job search process. We also have each other's support through the process.”

Fru M.